HW News – RIPLTT Plans, F@H Faster Than 7 Supercomputers, Motherboard Sales Fall 30%

Our hardware news recap for the week talks about motherboard and video card sales falling 30-50% from the recent crash, but also talks good news for Folding @ Home research.
Support GN on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/gamersnexus or via our store: https://store.gamersnexus.net/ Errata/Correction: Sorry for the error in reporting. One of our source sites we referenced mistakenly reported that the PS5 would not have SMT. Now that Sony has officially posted all of its specs, it looks like it will have SMT, so that information is not accurate. That's our fault for not checking multiple sources. Sorry about that. We are asking around to see if there are any conditions under which SMT would be toggled on/off. Lowest frequency currently reported is 3.6GHz on the Xbox Series X. Show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3564-hw-news-motherboard-gpu-sales-fall-folding-at-home-grows Hardware news for the week includes the below: – Motherboard & GPU shipments at record low, falling 30-50%
– Folding @ Home surpasses 7 supercomputers combined
– #RIPLTT or #RIPPCMR will happen once we get an LN2 delivery!
– Xbox Series X & PS5 hardware specs announced
– Intel & Micron form new partnership for wafer supply
– NVIDIA enables virus researchers with free licenses to Parabricks
– Razer joins in manufacturing N95 masks
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