HW News – Intel Cache Vulnerability, Coronavirus vs. Manufacturing, RDNA2 Incoming

The #Coronavirus is making us rethink our upcoming trip to China, but in other news, there's a new Intel CacheOut vulnerability, Ryzen DRAM calculator version, and AMD report.
Sponsor: Buy Gigabyte's X570 Master (Amazon – https://geni.us/WJgNK) Show notes: https://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/3553-hw-news-intel-cacheout-vulnerability-amd-rdna2-gn-china-trip-in-the-air
Learn about LTX here: https://www.ltxexpo.com/ Topics for the show include: – Linus buys his own signature in our charity auction! (Thanks, Linus)
– GN's upcoming trip to China may have to get postponed due to the Wuhan flu outbreak and lock-down, but we also talk about how it affects factories and manufacturing
– Ryzen DRAM calculator gets update 1.7.0
– Windows 7 is wanted in open source form
– Intel's new CacheOut vulnerability
– ISPs sit on mountains of money in best imitation of Smaug
– Eve Spectrum IPS panel coming out
– AMD's 4Q19 earnings and RDNA 2 for GPUs/Navi
– Avast has decided to self-destruct
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Video: Josh Svoboda

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